Robust localization management

Simplify and accelerate localization processes for any content – from websites to documents to software. SDLGOV WorldServer is designed for localization managers and their teams to centrally manage automate and control high volumes of translation projects to deliver quality translation on time and within budget. Enterprise teams can regain control of localization across the organization and effectively work with multiple external translation vendors – all with one central solution.

Enable Your Translation Teams to Deliver Quality Results Faster

GroupShare achieves new levels of efficiency in any localization process through centralized translation memories, terminology and projects on a single real-time collaboration solution. This results in greater control of translation documents, allowing faster delivery of quality translations, regardless of team member location. Version control functionality provides real-time access to the latest project assets and approved  content. Project Managers can view project history, download previous versions and compare the different versions of the files.


Centralized linguistic technology

Centralize linguistic technology within a scalable server architecture. A streamlined, hierarchical translation memory (TM) combined with centralized terminology significantly lowers costs and improves translation quality. This is achieved by simplifying multilingual content reuse across globally dispersed contributors including authors, translators, in-house reviewers and Language Service Providers (LSPs).

Content Integration

Enable fast, remote and automatic access to content in any format, no matter where it’s stored, including both SaaS and on-premise deployments. An extensive set of content connectors and a flexible asset integration system provide advanced connectivity to many content systems.

Innovate and Integrate Processes

Easily create business rules and workflows to automate business processes and improve collaboration by routing comments, announcements and notifications of project related issues with the content as it moves through the localization supply chain. Core to our translation management products is a rules-based process automation engine that drives all collaboration and project management activities.