Herndon, Virginia – SDL Government (SDLGov), a leading machine translation technology and solutions company, will debut its updated Language Translation technologies at the GEOINT 2016 Symposium.  You can learn more about SDL Governments technologies and solutions at Booth Number 1528 at the GEOINT Symposium, the nation’s largest gathering of industry, academia, and government to include Defense, Intelligence and Homeland Security Communities.

The collection and analysis of “Big Data Analytics” is a critical need within the Intelligence Community; and the vast majority of data collected is in foreign languages.  This data can include complex meta-data such as GEO Tags, names of people and places, as well as terabytes of data from multi-lingual voice and other communications.  The sheer volume of data collected is a challenge in and of itself but so is ensuring that the details are not lost in interpretation.  Within languages such as Arabic and French, what is found on social media are a variety of dialects, slang, and terminology that is very localized driven by regional and cultural influences.

SDL Government provides the language translation technologies that can enable the translation of this complex, continuously evolving Big Language Data.  At the 2016 GEOINT Symposium, SDL Government will demonstrate the complexities and informalities of language in Social Media. SDLGov is the pioneer in the translation of informal and social media languages enabling analysts to more thoroughly explore and exploit the internet by providing clarity to what is being said and by whom.”  Said Denise Rhea-McKenzie, Vice President at SDLGov

CEO, S Danny Rajan added “We are proud to release our updated, secure, on premise, informal  language pairs that handle the large number of Arabic dialects, to include Arabezi, in addition to handling the informal Arabic terminology and acronyms found on Twitter, Facebook and other social media networks.  Our language translation technology solutions support analysts, linguists, and operators – be it in an analysis cell, or on the battlefield.”


About SDL Government

SDL Government is a technology and services company that provides leading language translation solutions and technology for Defense, Security and Intelligence applications.  We have an established operational customer base throughout the US DoD, Intelligence Community and Federal Agencies – supporting a variety of systems, missions, and users.