Herndon, VA., August 7, 2017– SDL Government announced today the release of its new Machine Translation Enterprise (MTE) Product, a secure Machine Translation (MT) platform for US Government, Public sector organizations, and regulated industries, which now includes Neural Machine Translation (NMT).

Deployed on premise or in a secure, private cloud environment, SDLGov’s MTE  is designed for agencies and organizations  that handle sensitive or classified multi-lingual content, enabling  total control of MT-related data. MTE ensures that data never leaves the government or corporate network, and only individuals with appropriate permission levels can access content. The technology has already been used in the most demanding government agencies for 15 years.

MTE holds the promise of delivering significantly better MT quality and extending it to areas where current solutions are inadequate, thus leaving critical, mission-related content untranslated. CSA Research predicts that Neural MT will play an ever-increasing role in enterprises’ multilingual content strategies.

SDLGov’s MTE can be customized using our new, on-premise domain customization product that SDLGov will be launching in early 2018.  This on-premise domain product enables the training of language models to learn specific operational or corporate terminology.

SDL Government’s MTE  provides a powerful framework to overcome some of the complex challenges facing machine translation. It uses a deep learning architecture that learns the meaning of the text, rather than associated words in a sentence.   SDL Government has a clear focus on the unique US Government enterprises and remote systems, and has a strong commitment to deliver MT solutions that are secure and scalable.  With our more than 20 years of experience in machine learning, coupled with linguistic optimization expertise, SDL Government continues to support our customers in solving content volume and translation challenges for leading enterprises.

SDL Government has additional features within the MTE, to include sentiment analysis and entity extraction.  We are also partnering with our customers to integrate audio and optical character recognition transcription capabilities within their workflows.

If you are interested in a demonstration of our new MTE product, or would like to discuss upgrading from your current ETS-G installation, please contact SDL Government at MTE@sdlgov.com.