Herndon, Virginia- January 5,2018 – SDL Government (SDLGov), a leader in delivering Translation technology solutions to the US Government market,  today announced the availability of their Machine Translation on AWS GovCloud (US) Region, an isolated Amazon Web Services (AWS) Region intended for sensitive and regulated workloads of customers with stringent US Government regulatory and compliance requirements.

SDLGov’s Machine Translation (MT) software is a powerful, scalable machine translation engine built to securely translate high volumes of content in a shorter period of time, and now accessible via AWS GovCloud (US).  SDLGov has deployed their MT in over 400 installations around the world and integrated into over 20 complementary applications to enable mission critical decision making. Currently SDLGov will be offering Spanish to English and Arabic to English translation as a ‘Bring your own License’ offering, exclusively for the AWS GovCloud (US) Region.

“Our on-premises MT is implemented in multi-level secure networks, and is accessed via a user-interface for quick translation or multi-lingual, social media browsing, or via our REST API for integration with other applications,” said Danny Rajan, SDLGov President.

Additional languages pairs will be added soon, including German, Russian, French and several more. Future enhancements to support the US Government user community will include the ability to translate not just documents and text, but also audio files.

If you are interested in information on accessing the SDLGov Machine Translation on AWS GovCloud (US), please contact SDL Government at MTE@sdlgov.com.