Frequently Asked Questions

Purpose & Scope

This document was produced to capture the questions and answers generated during the SDLGov User Group forum held June 20, 2017.


Enterprise Translation Server – G (ETS-G) Machine Translation (MT)

  1. How do I shift between translation quality levels in ETS-G Machine Translation (MT) when using the Application Programming Interfaces (APIs)?
  •  Currently, ETS-G 5.3 and ETS-G 5.4 default to a balanced level 2 Quality/Speed setting.  This can be changed via the configuration file.
  1. How do you run ETS-G on Amazon Web Services (AWS) for scalability?
  •  For ETS-G to perform successfully, you would need to ensure that the IP addresses do not change as VMs spin up or the process will shutdown.
  1. Is there a way to setup a staging folder for a particular language such that when a file is dropped into it, it will automatically get translated? The idea is to avoid giving users ETS-G access, but allow them to batch translate.
  •  Yes, this was a customization performed on another program.  Essentially, you have a service that checks the folder, when a document is available it automatically sends it through Machine Translation in the given language.  We can also perform an automatic identification of the language that needs to be translated.

WorldServer-G (WS-G) and Translation Memory (TM)

  1. How can you prevent duplicate entries in the Translation Memory in WS-G?
  •  WS-G and GS-G provide the option for the translator to upload all of their entries into the Translation Memory or overwrite identical translation segments.  In order to prevent or reduce duplicate entries, the translators need to choose to overwrite identical segments.

GroupShare-G (GS-G) and Translation Memory (TM)

  1. Can you perform searches on Translation Memory in GS-G?
  •  No, you need to go through Trados to perform the searches within Translation Memory.
  1. Can you override the dynamic access capability for remote users in GS-G?
  •  Yes, you can assign different roles to your users effectively overwriting dynamic access.


  1. Can you merge term base?
  •  The next FAQ publication will provide a detailed response to this question.
  1. Can you provide offline documentation from SDL?
  •  SDLGov is currently working on this action item.  The plan is to have a document repository accessible by SDL Government customers.  More detail will be provided in the next FAQ document.